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The 2019 AllMusic Readers’ Poll /blog/post/the-2019-allmusic-readers-poll-results /blog/post/the-2019-allmusic-readers-poll-results You voted, we counted: check out our readers’ 10 favorite albums of the year.

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AllMusic Loves 2019 Reissues /blog/post/allmusic-loves-2019-reissues /blog/post/allmusic-loves-2019-reissues ?Our editors found so much to enjoy about last year’s reissues and compilations that they felt compelled to make individual lists of their favorite excursions into music’s unexplored corners, not-so-lost tracks, and masterfully-curated collections.

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New Classical Reviews /blog/post/new-classical-reviews-dec-2019 /blog/post/new-classical-reviews-dec-2019 ?Holiday-themed releases and a closer look at the 2020 Grammy nominees dominated our editors’ exploration of classical music in December.

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The 2019 AllMusic Gift Guide: ‘Let It Bleed’ Box Set, Turntable Stand, Grateful Dead Socks, and More /blog/post/2019-gift-guide-week-4 /blog/post/2019-gift-guide-week-4 ?Also featured in this final installment are an electronic, music-themed board game, life advice from legendary musicians, and the definitive biography of Janis Joplin.

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Cast Your Vote in the 2019 AllMusic Readers’ Poll /blog/post/the-2019-allmusic-readers-poll /blog/post/the-2019-allmusic-readers-poll It’s time to cast your votes for the best albums of the year.

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The 2019 AllMusic Gift Guide: Beatles 7-Inches, Children’s Rock Books, Musicians’ Dice, and More /blog/post/2019-gift-guide-week-3 /blog/post/2019-gift-guide-week-3 ?Also featured is a book about 50 of music’s most influential women, an expanded edition of the latest Tool record, and a film set in New York’s downtown punk scene in the early ‘80s.

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AllMusic Loves 2019 /blog/post/allmusic-loves-2019 /blog/post/allmusic-loves-2019 ?Find out which albums the AllMusic editors selected as their personal favorites for 2019.

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Best of 2019 /blog/post/best-of-2019 /blog/post/best-of-2019 ?It’s not easy to distill a full year of music into a handful of lists, but every year our editors do their best. We begin with a look at the year overall, with genre-specific lists appearing every weekday until Christmas.

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The 2019 AllMusic Gift Guide: Ken Burns’ History of Country, Twisted Sister Hot Sauce, and More /blog/post/2019-gift-guide-week-2 /blog/post/2019-gift-guide-week-2 ?Also featured are T-shirts from two classic hip-hop labels, music-themed playing cards, and Ben Folds’ memoir.

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